Hearing Services

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Our services include:

A La Carte Services - includes test, fitting session, programming, manufacturers warranty, then pay-as-you-go.
Benefit: Lowest initial cost.
Standard Service Pack includes the above with additional 4 programmings, 4 office visits, free otoscope inspections.
Benefit: Good value.
Ultimate Service Pack - "All inclusive", see below for many of the free included services*.
Benefit: Best value and peace of mind.

  • reNew Hearing consults with over 10 Audiologists, 10 Hearing Instrument Specialist and with physicians should you ever want an immediate second opinion. Contacted via internet and telephone a second medical opinion can offer new information, a new perspective and peace of mind.
FREE Hearing Test*: Establish a baseline of hearing for overall health. Audiometric Testing with an acoustic appraiser and Speech Testing will be performed to determine if you have a hearing loss. If you do, the level of your hearing loss and free consultation to help you in the selection of hearing aids to meet your lifestyle. Offer for first time patients and "Ultimate Service Pack" patients.

Pure tone audiometry
(Air Conduction):Audiogram
reNew Hearing® tests all eleven (11) speech spectrum frequencies, which includes the half octaves, not just the minimum 5 required or the "norm" 7 to 9 frequencies, but ALL eleven (11)!

Bone Conduction will be performed if necessary:
Bone conduction testing uses the same process as air conduction testing, but tones are sent to a device placed behind your ear instead of into headphones. This allows sounds to bypass your outer and middle ear and pass through your skull to your inner ear. In this manner, bone conduction testing accurately assesses your inner ear's hearing ability, without influence from your outer or middle ear.

Speech audiometry:
There are 2 different speech tests that will be completed. One will determine how softly you are able to hear words and the other will measure how clearly you are able to understand words with hearing aid/s.

What to expect:
You will be seated in the sound booth and will be wearing headphones.

  • Your specialist will ask you to repeat a list of words to determine your Speech Reception Threshold (SRT) or how soft you were able to repeat common words.
  • You specialist will measure Speech Discrimination or Word Recognition ability. The specialist will be either saying words to you or you will be listening to a CD/computer recording. You will be asked to repeat the words. The specialist will be measuring your clarity or ability to understand speech under amplification (simulating wearing hearing aid/s). FYI - a test booth is mandatory for this test, we have 2 test booths per center.

We do not cut corners with the Speech Discrimination (Word Recognition) test by using the "quick" 10 word, or the "adequate" 25 word, we use the complete 50 word per ear to get the most accurate data for your hearing aid prescription.

How long does the test take?

20-25 minutes in test booth.

How will I receive my results?
Whether you have a loss or not, the specialist will share your test results in detail with you at the completion of testing. Speech Discrimination ability is typically measured as a percentage score, the results explained in detail, what it means to you the patient and to us the practitioner. Should you have a speech discrimination loss, we will offer some additional options available to you in addition to hearing aids.

Free auditory training and aural rehabilitation ($100 value)
Proper hearing aid fitting is just part of the process of improved hearing and communication. To maximize hearing aid benefit, aural rehabilitation is encouraged and information will be provided.

What if I need wax removed?
We check everyone's ears with an videoscope and/or otoscope. Should you need wax removed or any see any other abnormalities, we have a physician at the available 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week
at the 750 Lafayette Rd., Portsmouth, NH location or we recommend you see your
physician or preferably an ENT.

May I have a copy of the audiogram?
Yes, after you become a patient of reNew Hearing. You will be a reNew Hearing patient after one of the three following: 1) Purchase hearing aid/s and retain aid/s after the hearing aid trial date; 2) Should any medical concerns arise from free hearing test, reNew Hearing will, at your physician's request, fax or email a copy to your physician;  3) Pay $300.00 for hearing test and audiometric results of which 100% is credited to your hearing aid purchase with reNew Hearing within a one (1) year of test date - the later is to deter internet retail sales (See Internet Retail Policy at end of this page).

Free Speech Mapping... What is Speech Mapping?

The sound pressure levels measured in the ear canal with a real ear measurement system when the operating hearing aid is in the ear. It is the REAR (Real Ear Aided Response) measurement using live speech as the stimulus and the patient’s dynamic range as the target. Speech Mapping allows clinicians to precisely place speech into the preferred listening area for the patient, typically midway between threshold and UCL (Un-Comfortable Level).

FREE* 30, 45, 55 or 90 day Hearing Aid Trial Policy: Whether considering a hearing aid for the first time, or if you need to replace your old ones this offer is for you. You can take advantage of today's new hearing aid technology and dramatically improve your hearing problems and well give you the opportunity to try any standard or custom hearing aid with NO financial risk. The 30, 45, 55 or 90 day trial *varies by Service Package, model and manufacturer.

If you are not completely satisfied, there is a full 100% no-hassle refund for the hearing aids*.

Multi Product Hearing Aid Lines:
You can benefit from the latest digital hearing aids offered from a variety of different manufacturers, ensuring that you will always get the very best solution for your hearing loss.  Your hearing aids can be serviced worldwide by these top manufacturers.

FREE Warranty: 1 - 3 years, varies by model/manufacturer. Extended warranties are available, however we DO NOT recommend purchasing them with a NEW purchase. We find this can save our patients hundreds of dollars with no risk! At any time after the manufacturer's warranty expires, if or when your aids need repair, you may purchase a one (1) year warranty and have aid/s repaired.

FREE Professional Hearing Analysis and consultation ($300 value).*

FREE Otoscope and/or video otoscope examination.*

FREE Verification with Live Speech Mapping, varies by model/manufacturer.*
FREE Loss and Damage Coverage:
1 - 3 years, varies by model/manufacturer (Deductible) .

FREE Hearing Aid Batteries: 12 minimum with purchase of hearing aid/s.

FREE Consultations.*

FREE Product Demonstrations.*

FREE Follow-up Appointments: 1 - 3 years, varies by model/manufacturer.*

FREE Hearing Aid Cleanings and Checkups: 1 - 3 years, varies by model/manufacturer.*

Free Otoscope/video otoscope exam

FREE Private, convenient and personalized just for you, reNewHearigng.MyStarkey.com is your single stop for rehabilitation exercises, operation manuals, use & care videos and more! Starkey hearing aid purchase only ($100 value).*

Offer for first time patients and/or "Ultimate Service Pack" patients.

Also available:
  • Tinnitus Hearing Care Provider
  • Hearing Aid Wax Removal
  • Moisture Removal and Cleaning
  • Hearing Aid Adjustments
  • Repairs: Minor repairs in-house lab
  • Repairs: Major repairs with 1 year warranty
  • Free Estimates
  • Ear Wax Removal - available @ 750 Lafayette Rd location only

Although we do offer same-day appointments when available, we encourage making appointments as far in advance as possible. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding scheduling and payment arrangements. 
  • FREE Professional Hearing Analysis ($300 value)*
  • FREE otoscope and/or video otoscope examination*
  • FREE 90 day Hearing Aid Trial Policy*
  • Multi Product Hearing Aid Lines
  • Low Prices 40% - 75% off MSRP
  • FREE Adjustments & Consultations*
  • FREE batteries (12 min.) per pair of aids
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*
Offer for first time patients and/or "Ultimate Service Pack" patients.
100% Money Back

Offering: Starkey*, Phonak, Oticon, GN ReSound, Siemens, Widex & MED-EL (Bone Conduction System).

Repairs with 1 (one) warranty for all Brands. Complete repair, care booklet, pouch and cleaning brush & ANSI response curve.

In house lab for cleanings - mic/s, receiver, battery contacts, wax guard replacement, mic cover replacement -  minor repairs, door replacement, shell repairs, etc.

Prices from $595 up.

Best technology hearing aids heavily discounted 40% - 75% off MSRP.

Which type is best for you? (With pricing):
reNew Hearing® Center and On-line Store

40 Batteries $25
Made in U.S.A

Hearing aid batteries lowest cost.
Box of 10 packages of 4 batteries.
Top of the line Ultima Zinc Air #312, #13, #10.

Advanced Digital Technology
Starkey MUSE i1200 RIC
100% Water Resistant. 
Programmable, 4 memories - for example: 
Normal, Noisy, TV & Telephone environments, 
FREE Auto-Telephone,
TWO (2) year warranty, Two (2) Lost & Damage!
     As low as:
$1195 ea. (A La Carte Service Pack)
(MSR $4,695)

Muse™ Wireless is Starkey’s full line of value-priced hearing aids that sound great and perform dependably in a variety of normal listening situations. Designed by Starkey, a recognized leader in hearing technology, all Muse Series Wireless hearing aids are designed to deliver superior:

  • Feedback Cancellation – greatly reduces annoying buzzing and whistling caused by things like talking on the phone or being hugged.
  • Noise Management – automatically recognizes and reduces noise for more comfortable listening in loud environments.
  • Directional Settings – designed to help you understand the speech in front of you while filtering out unwanted background noise.
Muse™ Wireless has a variety of styles (download Brochure) designed to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Your hearing professional will assist you in choosing the device that is right for you.

Your Bluetooth is now virtually invisible!

Your hearing aids replace the ugly ear piece and are virtually invisible!

SurfLink Mobile 2™

Wireless. Seamless. Mobile.

One device does it all.
Bluetooth up to 7 devices directly to your hearing aids
Designed to improve hearing:

  • Cell phones
  • Meetings
  • Noisy Places
  • Television
  • Lectures
  • Music
You can now talk hands free with new Bluetooth home telephones.  Patients are loving it!
SurfLink Mobile 2, Reg. $895  Sale $619

Call today - NH (603) 319-1701, MA (978) 607-0062

Watch Together. Listen Separately.

Wi Series is our most advanced hearing aid on the market today. It features our latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling. It is designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest situations. Wi Series can also stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids, like headphones. Let your hearing professional help you find the hearing aid that best suits your lifestyle.

Designed to enhance TV & radio listening
Stream audio from your TV, stereo or computer directly to your hearing aids. No additional hardware or pairing needed.
Learn more about styles.

Wi Series

Engineered to deliver a better experience. Learn more about Wi Series features.

How it Works

Find out more about Wi Series.

Learn more

We proudly provide care for children, adults, and seniors. reNew Hearing® understands the need for consistent care. We treat each patient like family. Our compassionate, professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible. Because we are Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist owned, we are patient driven. This means that we can focus more on providing excellent care, and less on the bottom line. We provide effective care that is responsive to the needs of the community. Being independently owned means that we are able to focus on you!

You've got lots to gain and nothing to lose with our special FREE hearing aid trial and services!

We accept most Insurances and are Providers for the following:

  • Aetna
  • Aetna/US Healthcare
  • Blue Choice
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NH
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal
  • EBPA (CBA)
  • HMO Blue New England
  • HMO Blue
  • Matthew Thornton Blue
  • Cigna
  • Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
  • United Healthcare
  • US Department of Labor
If you do not see your insurance company listed, please call we still maybe able to help you! We are continually adding new insurances.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Financing


Endorsing Starkey Hearing Foundation's - HEAR NOW PROGRAM
Hear Now is a national non-profit program committed to assisting those permanently residing in the U.S. who are deaf or hard of hearing and have no other resources to acquire hearing aids.

Learn More

For more information about Hear Now Aid, call 1-800-328-8602.

Hear Now collects hearing aids for recycling purposes. Any make or model, regardless of age, can be donated to the hearing aid recycling program. All donations are tax deductible and a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to all identified donors.

If you wish to donate a salvaged hearing aid or other assistance device, please securely package donation and mail to:

Hear Now

6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344


Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation
Providing For Those In Need.

Send us your old hearing aids, to give the gift of hearing to those in need and contribute to a healthy environment.

Internet Sales Policy

Hearing aids are medical devices, and as such they need to be prescribed and fitted by someone trained and qualified to do this. Buying a hearing aid without an initial face-to-face consultation, professional fitting, and subsequent follow-ups could result in you purchasing an ineffective hearing instrument for your loss, or worse, damaging your hearing further. Additionally the consultation includes an examination which can highlight other serious ear health conditions. For these reasons, reNew Hearing does not endorse Internet Retailers who will sell instruments to customers without a face-to-face consultation, and most hearing aid manufacturers will not supply those retailers.

Should I Purchase My Hearing Aids Online? (AKA Don’t Try This at Home)

Should I buy online?

In a previous Starkey Hearing blog post I discussed some of the factors that influence the cost of a hearing aid. There’s no getting around the fact that investing in better hearing can be expensive. Given the ubiquitous nature of online shopping, you might be asking yourself if it’s a smart move to bypass the hearing professional and save money by purchasing your hearing aids online. The problem with this approach is that it assumes that all you need to do is put those purchased hearing aids in your ears and your hearing problems will be solved! That’s like buying an orthodontic appliance online and expecting your teeth to straighten out by simply putting it in your mouth.
If you’re considering purchasing hearing aids online, you need to ask yourself a few questions. First, how will you determine which hearing aid is best for you? There are literally tens of thousands of possible combinations of manufacturers, styles, features, and levels of technology to consider. You also have to ask yourself what you are going to do with those hearing aids once they arrive in your mailbox. The many parameters, or settings, of your hearing aids need to be properly adjusted in order for you to achieve the best results in terms of speech understanding and listening comfort. Even if your hearing aids come “pre-programmed” the sound coming out of the device interacts with the unique acoustic properties of your ear. These ear-specific acoustics differ from person to person and even from the right ear to the left ear for the same person. In fact, two people with the same hearing loss, fit with the same hearing aids, programmed to the same settings can experience very different results.
There are additional questions you need to ask yourself: What are you going to do if your hearing aids need to be adjusted or repaired? What if your online hearing aids don’t provide you with the help you were expecting? How will you know if it’s because the hearing aids are not functioning properly, are not appropriate for you, aren’t adjusted properly, or, more importantly, that you require something more than just hearing aids such as assistive technology or auditory training?  
In fact, you won’t be able to answer any of these questions (nor should you be expected to). The management of individuals with hearing loss, which includes the appropriate selection and fitting of today’s complex hearing instruments, requires extensive education and training. Hearing care professionals are required to be licensed in the state in which they practice. Their training and experience is designed to ensure that the treatment plan they propose for you is based on a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing system and your communication needs.
Here’s another question: What should you expect from your hearing care professional that you won’t be able to get through an online purchase? I’ll answer that one:
  1. A patient-focused ‘income’ measure: Hearing professionals have a number of well-validated and researched questionnaires to help determine your unique treatment needs.
  2. Meaningful clinical tests: The majority of patients with hearing loss complain of problems understanding conversations in background noise. Your hearing professional should test your ability to understand speech in noisy backgrounds in addition to other measures of your hearing system.
  3. Patient-specific treatment goals: You and your hearing professional should identify what you want to achieve at the conclusion of treatment. That is, what do you want to be able to do that you can’t do now?
  4. Selection of hearing aid style and features based on the treatment goals: Two patients with the same audiogram (hearing test) can have dramatically different auditory processing abilities, communication requirements, and, consequently, treatment goals.
  5. Verification of hearing aid settings: Your hearing professional should utilize probe microphone measures to ensure that that you can hear those sounds that contribute most to speech understanding while also ensuring that loud sounds are not uncomfortable for you.
  6. Validation of the hearing aid fitting: In the end, the success of your treatment will be determined by the extent to which your expectations and goals have been achieved. You and your hearing care professional should assess this.  
  7. Consideration of hearing assistive technology: Despite your professional’s and your best efforts, one or more of your goals might not have been satisfactorily achieved. Your hearing professional should consider other technology such as remote microphones to achieve those goals.  
  8. Rehabilitation services: You may continue to experience communication problems despite being provided with the latest hearing aid technology fit by expert clinicians. Your hearing professional should provide you with rehabilitation tools that can optimize the benefits of your hearing aids, similar to how physical therapy improves the healing process following knee surgery.
Does your online hearing aid purchase come with these eight additional services? If so, shop away; if not, you may want to think twice about purchasing your hearing aids online. 

We guarantee your privacy.

Your personal information is kept strictly confidential.

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