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When only the best will do... reNew

Protecting the health and safety of our patients and employees throughout the COVID-19 outbreak is our number one priority. For more information CLICK HERE.

Offering all major hearing aid brands: Starkey, Phonak, Oticon, GN ReSound, Siemens (Sivantos), Widex (Sivantos & Widex Merged to Become WS Audiologyand now MED-EL (Bone Conduction System).

Repair all brands with 1 (one) year warranty included.

Best technology hearing aids heavily discounted 40% - 75% off MSR.
Special event, we will be offering the following FREE SERVICES: Hearing Screenings, Ear Scans, Technology Demonstrations, and Cleanings of Current Hearing Aids. Space is limited! Call to sign up today to reserve your spot!
Call (603) 319-1701 to sign up today to reserve your spot!
Hearing Test & Wax Check
$300 Value!
Receive a FREE, no-obligation, complete hearing test with evaluation analysis and cerumen (ear wax) check from your reNew Hearing specialist.  

Valid at reNew Hearing only. Limit one coupon per patient. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to prior purchases.
First time patient only.
Offer Expires 09/30/2020

Do you have hearing aids and
still not understand?

Let us help!


We may be able to offer additional options available to you in addition to your hearing aids.

Limit one coupon per patient. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to prior patients/purchases as this service is included for all reNew Hearing patients.
First time patient only.
           ($70-$90 value) Discount ID: 20190411


Invisible... Only $1,295*each!

More discreet than OTC Behind-the-Ear Aids! 

Not available over-the-counter (OTC).

The hearing aid for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid.

You owe it to yourself to compare the benefits of OTC verses Invisible.

So small, you can’t detect it.

  • Fits invisibly in your inner ear
  • Designed especially for first-time hearing aid users
  • Is ready to wear, no assembly, no tubes to clean
  • Is easy to remove for better ear health
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Call (603) 319-1701

More Information

Save On One Of Our Smallest Custom Digital Hearing Aids 


       $1300 ea. (A La Carte Service Pack)
(MSR $3,195 each)

          Included Two (2) year warranty!

Two (2) Lost & Damage!

Now with Tinnitus management!

Custom CIC or standard BTE, 8kHz Frequency bandwidth! Up to 4 Program memories for different environments.

*Valid at reNew Hearing only. Limit one coupon, 2 hearing aids per patient. Not valid with any other discount or offer. Does not apply to prior purchases, see center for details.

Offer Expires 06/30/2020

CIC (Completely In Canal)As one of the smallest, available hearing systems, Completely-In-Canal (CIC) instruments are virtually invisible. Now with Tinnitus management!
However, people with a very narrow ear canal may not be able to use them. Instead, you may opt for In-The-Canal (ITC), or 4 styles of BTE (Behind The ear) instruments. BTE, ITC and ITE are a bit larger yet easier to handle than CICs.

11 Frequencies out to 8kHz Frequency bandwidth!
Now with Tinnitus management!
Up to 4 Program memories for Normal & Noisy environments, TV, mute, etc.
Two (2) year warranty, two(2) year Loss & Damage!
Sale $1300 each (regular $1895 ea)
Discount ID: 20180620 

Advanced Digital Technology  
Starkey Livio 1200 RIC Wireless

Includes Tinnitus management!
Bluetooth Wireless
100% Water Resistant.

Programmable, 4 memories - for example:
Normal, Noisy, TV & Telephone environments,
FREE Auto-Telephone,
TWO (2) year warranty, Two (2) Lost & Damage!
     As low as:
$1200 ea. (A La Carte Service Pack)
(MSR $2,596.00 each)

Livio™ Wireless is Starkey’s full line of value-priced hearing aids that sound great and perform dependably in a variety of normal listening situations. Designed by Starkey, a recognized leader in hearing technology, all Muse Series Wireless hearing aids are designed to deliver superior:

  • Feedback Cancellation – greatly reduces annoying buzzing and whistling caused by things like talking on the phone or being hugged.
  • Noise Management – automatically recognizes and reduces noise for more comfortable listening in loud environments.
  • Directional Settings – designed to help you understand the speech in front of you while filtering out unwanted background noise.
Livio™ Wireless has a variety of styles (download Brochure) designed to suit your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Your hearing professional will assist you in choosing the device that is right for you.
Discount ID: 20191202

Livio Series is a fully featured product line delivering next generation wireless performance in styles and options to fit any wearer.

Starkey relentlessly pursued the latest in hearing technologies to create Livio Series, Starkey's newest full family of wireless products featuring next generation bluetooth technology leading the way in performance, comfort, personalization and connectivity. The breakthrough operating system. This evidence-based, patient-focused operating system's signal processing power enables us to continually optimize audibility, intelligibility, comfort and sound quality. The result is Starkey Superior Sound.

Your hearing professional will assist you in choosing the device that is right for you.
Call (603) 319-1701 now!

Call Now603-319-1701

40 Hearing Aid Batteries for $25!

reNew Hearing®
40 Batteries reg. $36
Made in U.S.A
Hearing aid batteries low cost.
Box of 10 packages of 4 batteries.
Top of the line Ultima Zinc Air #312, #13, #10.

$11 OFF
Your Cost $25 Box 40
Purchase of 40 Batteries
Made in U.S.A
Box of 10 packages
of 4 batteries for $25.

Top of the line Ultima Zinc Air
#312, #13, #10
Only available at reNew Hearing Center.
Shipping NOT included. 

Your Bluetooth is now virtually invisible!

Your hearing aids replace the ugly ear piece and are virtually invisible!
Wireless. Seamless. Mobile. One device does it all.
Link up to 7 Bluetooth devices.
Designed to improve hearing:
  • Cell phones
  • Meetings
  • Noisy Places
  • Television
  • Lectures
  • Music
You can now talk hands free with new Bluetooth home telephones.
Patients are loving it!
SurfLink Mobile 2, Reg. $895, Now Only $619.
Buy Now Buy Now
For Starkey wireless hearing aids only,
Aids must be 
programmed by Hearing Aid Specialist.

Remote Mic $395, On Sale $299

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