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Cochlear™, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, has made the best even better with the Cochlear Baha® 3 System, featuring the Cochlear Baha 3 Sound Processors and the Cochlear Baha BI300 Implant System. The Baha 3 sets a new benchmark in design and flexibility for every age and lifestyle. Baha 3 is backed by the lifelong promise that Cochlear will be there to support you with the industry’s most comprehensive customer support and the largest investment in research and development.

Cochlear Baha 3 BI300 Implant  

Improved stability
  • Wider diameter
  • Small sized threads below flange
  • TiOblast™ surface (promotes integration with bone)
  • New conical shape
Trusted solution
  • Market leader and innovator
  • Tri-lobe connection
  • Helium-tight seal
  • Precise countersinking
Simplified surgery
  • Single-use instrument kit
  • Improved packaging
  • Fewer tools and steps

Cochlear Baha 3 Sound Processors  

Enhanced features
  • Programmable, advanced signal processing
  • Water protection
  • Easier to use tactile buttons
  • Wind noise protection
Proven performance
  • Baha 3 performs up to 25% better than Divino® in noise 1,2
  • Better performance on Softbands
  • More high frequency gain realized
Kid-friendly solutions
  • Better access to speech
  • New battery door colors
  • New Softband options
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