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reNew Hearing of Portsmouth NH, Kittery Maine, Beverly MA & Salem MA 
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Jay R. Kittery, ME 
I just want to say they are down to earth. They helped me when I need things done over the phone like my hearing aid was having trouble and all I had to do was call and she called me right back told me step-by-step how to do it and that was all good great day so I recommend this to everybody that I need to get their hearing her hearing aids are here and check what not to these people these guys are phenomenal

Christine Dolan Google 4 reviews

Loss my hearing in one ear from a virus 4 years ago. Dan was so helpful and explained the difference between and why I would benefit from Starky (Starkey) BiCros. I was hesitant going in because I have good hearing in one ear. The difference with the hearing aides is remarkable. I would highly recommend reNew Hearing and if you can work with Dan a plus plus. Thank you for your patience and being so kind with your time.

Deborah Fazzina reviewed reNew Hearing Facebook

This is a great place, staffed with top notch people, and Laurie was just fantastic with me. Went home with my new hearing aids, listened to the lush production of Sarah Brightman's "Harem" CD, and literally cried when I heard the music with my new ears (and no, I'm not exaggerating). These hearing aids knock my socks off. Thank you so much, Laurie. Highly recommend them.

Lynn Loichle
reviewed reNew Hearing Facebook

Laurie & Dan provide wonderful service & education for my husband, highly recommend.

Diane Donovan DeLorenzo
reviewed reNew Hearing October 7 at 3:08pm

Very happy with Renew Hearing in Salem, Mass. Dan worked a long time with me to explain/educate me on hearing aides that work best for me. He even recommended a brown color to go with my hair! Thank you so much for taking the time with me!!!

James Catalano
eMail 5/9/16

Dan, I wanted to take a moment from my valuable retirement time ( no pun intended ) to thank you again for my consultation, hearing test, and the ensuing order of my new Starkey Z series hearing aids today. The time you spent with me is deeply appreciated. I am so glad I made that decision last Thursday to cancel my appointment with Miracle Ear and switch to reNew Hearing. I look forward to my next visit with you for the fitting and set up as well all future office visits.
Best Regards, Jim

Cindi Marescalchi Pike
Facebook January 14, 2017

Congrats Laurie and Dan. You guys are the best and I highly recommend you to anyone who is experiencing hearing loss.

Cindi Marescalchi Pike
1 Facebook Like · August 25 at 12:05pm

Great place. Honest and full of integrity. Laurie and Dan are the best!

Andy Noel
5 Star Rated Google Review Oct 27th

Dan fitted me for hearing aids yesterday, he was friendly, patient and professional. I am in the early stages of getting used to them in my ears, found that after a while I didn't realize they were in my ear. Sounds are more pronounced, installing and setting volume and memory is fairly easy. My wife has had hearing aids from reNew for about a year and a half, I can tell very quickly when she as them in her ears. Dan, Laurie and Desiree are very cordial, spend whatever time is needed to make it right, they run a very impressive operation. I realize it's early in my use, initial reaction is thumbs up. One point, reNew sells many brands and types of hearing aids, they well fit you with what is best for your situation. Dan and Laurie are licensed both in NH and Mass.

Desiree McLoughlin
5 Star Rated Google Review Nov 2nd

I brought my mother-in-law in for her evaluation and was immediately welcomed by the staff. They took the time to explain the entire testing process to the both of us prior to performing the evaluation so we both knew what would be transpiring. Once her testing was completed, we were explained exactly how severe hearing loss was. Not to mention how it affected her speech understanding. Having a mother-in-law who is extremely stubborn when it comes to admitting she has a hearing loss (78%) to seeing it in black and white was an eye opener. The professional staff at reNew Hearing is the best I have ever dealt with and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs their hearing or a loved ones hearing evaluated.

John Arnold
said: January 22nd, 2015 8:58 am

Trying to correct a hearing loss is not a trivial or inexpensive task. Just investigating your choices in hearing aids can take hours of online research. And saying that, you still need to find a local hearing aid specialist who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and committed to helping you regain what you have lost. For all that you will invest in time and money and conscientiousness to the process, you should understand that the specialist must commit to that and more. I have just been through the initial stages of my hearing aid journey and feel very fortunate to say that Dan has made that effortful trip seem very worthwhile and pleasant. Along the way I have come realize some of the complexities of the technology and the hearing processes and know that if you have a quality team standing behind you, you will be doing yourself a very big favor in your efforts to regain hearing loss and comprehension. Thank you, Dan and reNew Hearing. I feel lucky to have found you. I feel my efforts have not been in vain.

Glenn Savastano
Sunday, Dec 19 12:00am From Local.com

Just a great feeling when I left there. So much more hearing to look forward too. I had been to 2 other hearing aid places in my life, but now with reNew I am so much more impressed. I came away with so much more knowledge about my individual situation. The new hearing has been nothing short of miraculous for me.

reNew Hearing Guest Book:
Elaina Valzania
said: October 11th 10:15 am

I can not say enough thank yous to Dan and Laurie for all they have done for my mother and myself. I knew my mother had dementia but what I didn't know was that of her problems was from a hearing loss. She was not able to hear so much of what was going on around her that she couldn't participate in life. She could not interact with people and objects and children because she could not hear them. Since she had such hearing loss for so many years it was accompanied with memory loss and loss of comprehension. I never realized that hearing loss could be connected to comprehension but have learned this fact to be true through my mother. After years of the volume of television and radio on full blast to the point of damaging my own hearing and being hoarse from yelling all the time for her to hear me, we now have a new life together where she can now participate. I learned that her dementia wasn't as bad as I thought, it was her hearing affecting her comprehension abilities. Laurie and Dan have given us a new life together that is filled with much love and joy, now that my mother can finally hear again and thank you can never be enough to either one of them. I hope more people realize that you miss out on life around you when you can not hear it. Dan and Laurie can help create a whole new life out there for anyone with hearing loss if you let them. Dan and Laurie are two of the most caring, kind and dedicated people in the profession and are wonderful to work with and resolving hearing loss issues. I hope all of you have the opportunity to meet with them and have an opportunity for a rich new wonderful life in front of them.
Hand written in a thank you card:
Laurie - Dan -and Ann(e) too!,
Just want to thank you again
...for being so very thoughtful!
Love & Hugs
reNew Hearing Guest Book:
Ray Jellison said: June 27th, 2013 10:40 am
Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me and Ann's hard work fighting with the insurance company to get unexpected $$. I walked out of the office wearing Stark(e)y hearing aides and stopped to listen to the world I had not heard in years. Thank you again!
Hand written in a thank you card:
May 15, 2013
Dear Laurie,
I'd like to thank you for making our appointments pleasant. Also, I'm very satisfied with my (new) hearing aid. I can actually hear sounds I haven't heard for a long time (with old aid), its great. Thanks again for your kindness.
Lions International
reNew Hearing,
Thank you for your supporting our 17th Annual Eye Ball - "The Speak Easy". We have enclosed a copy of the ad that you placed in our program book.
Again, thank you for all the support you give to our Foundation.
-NH LSHF, Board of Directors
Cynthia Keene Linscott posted to Daniel Faneuf Facebook reNew Hearing with permission.
June 5, 2013
Just had an appointment with Dan. He made sure to recheck me after my Brain Tumor Operation for any changes. All is good thanks to reNew Hearing who were instrumental in finding the tumor to begin with. Thank you does not seem to be enough.

July 6, 2012
When people ask me how they found the tumor I tell them it all started with you and reNew Hearing. I trusted you(r) advise, of course the name Faneuf helped a lot. Other Dr's were only treating the symptoms. You have helped to put me on the road to a better life.
Hand written in a thank you card:
Feb 25
Dear Laurie,
Thank you for taking so much time to explain all about the hearing test and then hearing aids. I learned so much from you. The information will help when I visit my mother in Florida and take her for a hearing test also. She has been reluctant to get hearing aids but definitely needs them. It will make a big improvement in her life once she can hear better. You and your husband are performing your jobs with such caring attitudes. I wanted to let you know it is appreciated.
- Karen S
Hand written in a thank you card:
Jan 8
Dear Laurie & Dan,
Just a note to let you know how happy I am with my new hearing aids. I am able to hear everything and now Heidi has no complaints. Miracles DO happen.
- Jack F
Hand written in a thank you card:
Dear Laurie and Dan,
Thank you for the gift (referral check), that was very nice surprise. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hearing aids are great! Thanks again
- Carol W
Hand written in a thank you card:
Dear Dan & Laurie,
Many thanks for the check ($50) - for referral - you sent to me for introducing sister Francis to your business. I must confess the check was at the bottom of the pile! Shame on me! I'll be seeing you soon (within this decade) for an adjustment
- 'T'ill then - Thanks
- Carolyn
Hand written in a thank you card "Seems like being nice just comes naturally to you.":
Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for spending so much time with me Wednesday. I truly appreciate all your effort to make me hear better. I hope to get a little more use out of them and then I will be in to see you. Have a great day.
- Margaret F
Hand written in a thank you card:
Dear Laurie,
I was at the bank and presented my gift - for referral - for transaction to complete this gift. Thank you for your thought fullness. - Barbara
- October 24, 2010, New Castle, N.H.
Hand written in a thank you card:
Dear Laurie Barnes,
Thank you so very much for the refund of the hearing aid I returned. As I told you on the phone - Rick told me he would draw up a new contract when he gave me the second, different company (he told me) hearing aid. This is all in the past now. I will return to you in the future but right now I am in the process of moving. Still will be in Salem. I intend to tell others how reputable you are.
- Virgina D
Typed written thank you letter:
March 22, 2010
Dear Laurie and Dan,
Thank you so much for your note!
The hearing aid is working very well for me. Thank you for your time and great patience in the entire process of testing, examining, and fitting me out with the hearing aid. Thank you also for your very clear and exhaustive explanation to me, giving me all the needed information and help to enable me to understand my condition and how the hearing aid will work for me. You are very pretty and pleasant lady; I am very happy for Dan to have been engaged to you. My very warm congratulations to you and Dan. I wish you both great happiness in the years and years to come!
- PS: Anita sends her warmest regards and congratulations!
- Dick M
To: renew.hearing@comcast.net
Subject: Thank you for your greetings and good wishes!
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2010 00:00:47 -0500
Dear Dan and Laurie:
It's so kind of you to send me the card with such sincere warmth and kindness!
All is well, thank you so much! As the message on your business card says, I am now hearing what I've been missing. The clock on the wall in my room had stopped making the 'ticking' sound for a long long time --- or so I thought it had --- until now that is. I now realize that the sound had never stopped; it's only that I had not been hearing it.

Oh, I had thought about what Laurie said to me regarding her disappointment that health insurance coverage does not include hearing aid --- something I had not thought about before. Now I really think Laurie is so right about hearing aid as a must for inclusion for coverage, considering people, like myself, not being able to function without it in everyday life and the dangers involved that might jeopardize the safety of these people with this disability.

Wishing you two all the happiness together!
- Dick M
Jay R. Kittery, ME  Yelp
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