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Hearing Loss Prevention Starts Here

Offering 40% - 75% off MSRP
Hearing loss can be a direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity or simply exposure to loud sounds. From specialty custom earplugs to musicians' sound attenuators, reNew Hearing offers a variety of protection and listening enhancement products. Talk to your hearing specialist for details about your hearing protection and listening needs.


For Shooters

SoundGear one-size fits all

Whether it's game movement, trap release or range commands, hearing is an important element of your shooting accuracy, safety and enjoyment. Our one-size fits-all SoundGear™ products are designed to extend the range of your hearing, while limiting the harmful effects of muzzle blasts. When you purchase from reNew Hearing, we check for proper fit. You don't get that personalized service from an online purchase! Talk to your hearing specialist to find out if you could benefit from SoundGear or visit SoundGearHearing.com for more information.
1 year warranty, 30 day return policy.
Only $549 Pair.

Custom Protection

Industrial Hearing Protection

Custom fit earplugs provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. reNew Hearing offers a wide range of options to choose from. Talk to your hearing specialist to find the protection that's right for you.

Musicians Ears

Musician Earplugs

Soft, custom (made for your ears) earplugs can help protect your ears while listening to music or loud environments where you need to understand speech. 3 interchangeable buttons for 9, 15 or 25dB of sound reduction while preserving music quality. Talk to your hearing specialist for more information.
90 day warranty/90 day return policy.
Starting at $298 pair!
Special... $489 pair with 3 pairs of interchangeable buttons.

Musicians Earplugs are a custom product, made individually for each user. They can be purchased from licensed hearing professionals.

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings. They are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods and may require different amounts of protection depending on sound levels encountered during rehearsals and performance. Some musicians use one type of attenuator in one ear and one type in the other, depending on the source and location of the sound.

  • Benefits
    • Musicans Ear PlugsReduces sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural, notmuffled as with other earplugs
    • Reduces risk of hearing damage for many noisy occupations and noisy venues, such as airshows, parades, athletic events and motor sports
    • Enhances the music experience for audiences while protecting hearing
    • Lets musicians hear their own instrument and their blend with others
  • FeaturesHealthy Hearing Tip
    • 3 levels of sound reduction: 9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB
    • Interchangeable buttons
    • Custom earmolds require ear impressions
  • Tips
    • Regular use of these high-fidelity earplugs while practicing, performing and listening to music will protect hearing from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sound throughout life.
    • A little time may be required to acclimate to these earplugs. Many musicians report that they hear their own instruments better, as well as the balance with those around them.

Which Musicians Earplug is Right for You? Music                 ETY

  ER•9 ER•15 ER•25 ETY•Plugs Harmful Sound
Comes From:
Small strings   Own instrument, other strings
Large strings   Brass
Woodwinds     Brass, percussion
Brass   Own instrument, other brass
Flutes     Percussion
Percussion   Own instruments, other percussion
Vocalists   Own voice, speakers, monitors
Acoustic guitar   Drums, speakers, monitors
Amplified instruments   Speakers, monitors
Marching bands     Multiple sources
Music teachers     Multiple sources
Recording engineers     Speakers, monitors
Sound crews     Speakers, monitors

Ref: Chasin, M. Musicians and the Prevention of Hearing Loss. Singular Publishing Group


Are there advantages of custom Musicians Earplugs over one-size fits-all, ready-fit ETY•Plugs?


ETY•Plugs reduce sound by 20 dB and are ideal for a wide range of occupations, musical events and recreational activities. Musicians Earplugs have interchangeable attenuator buttons that offer three levels of protection—9 dB,15 dB, 25 dB—to accommodate different playing styles, sound levels and venues. Musicians Earplugs are the ultimate in comfort because they are customized.

reNew Hearing offers a variety of excellent options for people looking for custom audio and communication
solutions — from musicians and music aficionados to specialty options for particular occupations.

Tunz Custom

For Musicians

Music has never been more personal. Discover Tunz™ custom-fit in-ear audio monitors, which give you control of your stage mix and help you block out unwanted noise. Visit TryTunz.com for more information about custom-fit in-ear monitors created especially for musicians.

Tunz Custom Music

For Music Aficionados

From MP3s to gaming devices, computers and more, experience the ultimate in listening enjoyment with custom headphones and personal audio, made precisely for your ears. Visit TryTunz.com for more information.

Custom Earphone

For the Phone

Custom earphone molds help you hear your conversations more clearly. And, custom earmolds are comfortable and less likely to fall out. Contact reNew Hearing for details.

Franchise Hearing aid reference list

The following is a partial list of hearing aids that are called "franchise" hearing aids. They are made by major manufacturers, but are sold under different labels. reNew Hearing prefers to sell hearing aids made by the "major manufactures", who distribute over 450 different brands!

A "franchise" hearing aid must be serviced by the franchise.  Should you ever find yourself with a "franchise" aid in need of service and a franchise is not a reasonable distance from you, please call us as you do have options the franchise industry does not want you to know.

Miracle Ear  made by Siemens, 1/15/15 Siemans name licenced by Sivantos made in singapore
EARQHEARX (HearUSA may operate as HEARx or HEARx West)SONUSAVADA (does not disclose or show their hearing aids on-line)  & AUDIGY  multiple products made by major manufacturers.
Amplifon USA is parent company to four of North America's providers of hearing instruments and services: Miracle-EarSonusHearPO and the Elite Hearing Network.

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